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September 2, 2012

Over the course of  a life so far, there are many things which everybody regrets doing because of the effects it has had on other people. Yet we must take risks and gamble in our lives….if we want things to turn out for the better, or just to reach out…even if the outcome is not so genial. At least we will know that we have tried, out of goodness, not malice. When we start afresh, we leave behind much, such as 心碎 … yet I believe that – provided one is DETERMINED enough – we can succeed at absolutely anything and eventually become more successful people at building enriched lives…

There are too many people out there who sit and remain within the same old boundaries and confines of their lives; the same routine, town, city or job is theirs for life and a fraction of  what they criticise around them becomes a wasted distance of YEARS. Thus they feel the need to judge and castigate the world around them. They are arm-chair philosophers. Such very people may be extremely well read and therefore well versed in expostulating their opinions…yet inside they are trapped; they are unwilling to – “get up and DO.” GET UP AND DO SOMETHING about it.  They are too frightened. Sadly, this is where the world’s prejudice and (sometimes) ignorance emerges from…even if it is not intended as prejudice in the first place.

Change comes from within us; it is not found elsewhere; it is not found in what others can do for us; or how society or the system can provide for us. Change (and positive action) is driven by our hearts 变化来自于我们的心脏 – it is motivated by our willingness to do something for the better, not something destructive.

I could have given up by now because I know that the next three months are going to be a bastard of a struggle. I will have a colleague teaching me Mandarin (quite simply terrifyingly difficult). It took me almost half an hour to write my title piece to this post – and I didn’t use a translator….so God knows how grammatically correct he’s going to think it is…But TRYING and doing something is half the battle; to be quite honest, I’m giving a very new life a “darn good try” – because when you want something to succeed,  you put in all your energy. And that’s what I think we should be instilling in young people…there’s kind of a sense of value and purpose in having a goal and getting there…however small others may regard it…

I’ve said it. 再见


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