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August 17, 2012

A theme park in a steamy bath. A bit too manicured for my liking. Thus it will take me slightly longer to find the rather more seedy parts of this city (if there are any). Mr See Nee seems to have left me up to my own devices. I was getting to like See Nee…he had a humble air about him….

I had lunch with Dr Hon and Chris Burge (principals) at Chilli Crab restaurant . Almost accidentally  flicked a crab claw in Dr Hon’s eye with my novice use of chop-sticks. The food here is immense…  puts Britain’s bland and mushy vegetables to shame…If I don’t put on weight in a few months, there’s something DEFINITELY wrong with me…

The school is not so much a school as a university campus built on some utopian ideal of independence and knowledge / Inquiry.

Note to self: must learn a bit of Mandarin…seems to be increasing in importance here…maybe I can get one of the students to teach me…or perhaps that’s not such a good idea…

A tropical beach is real, as I discovered today – and not just some fantastical notion on countless cliched posters and ‘wot-not’

Rather too built up though…perhaps I should go back to Sri-Lanka…



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